New space mission paper available


Schlueter M, Wahib M., Munetomo M.

Numerical optimization of ESA’s Messenger space mission benchmark [ PDF ]

Proc. of the Evostar Conference (Springer), Amsterdam 19-21 April, pp. 725-737 (2017)


This article describes an approach to robustly optimize ESA's Messenger (Full Mission) interplanetary space trajectory benchmark within 24 hours on a Fujitsu FX10 CPU-cluster of moderate size (64 cores). Note that Messenger (Full Mission) is one of the most challenging benchmarks for interplanetary trajectory design and MIDACO (resp. MXHPC) remains yet the only known algorithm to be capable to solve this benchmark to its putative global optimal solution.

Illustration of the Messenger space probe and its interplanetary trajectory from Earth to Mercury