Download  MIDACO 5.0 (limited)  together with some example problem

C# Gateway




Library Windows Linux Mac
32bit midacocs.dll midacocs.dll


upon request

64bit midacocs.dll midacocs.dll


Problem Type Description Example
NLP Continuous variables Example_NLP.cs
NLPc NLP with constraints Example_NLPc.cs
IP Integer variables Example_IP.cs
IPc IP with constraints Example_IPc.cs
MINLP Mixed variables Example_MINLP.cs
MINLPc MINLP with constraints Example_MINLPc.cs
MO Multiple Objectives Example_MO.cs


More example problems available at:   Benchmarks


Java examples using  Parallelization  are available here


Running MIDACO in C# with MS Visual Studio

Step 1  Download Midaco.cs, midacocs.dll and some example
Step 2  Stoe midacocs.dll in a folder named "MIDACO" directly under "C:\"
Step 3  Open MS Visual Studio and create new C# console project
Step 4  Add new existing item: Midaco.cs and e.g. Example_MINLPcs
Step 5  Build and execute project as usual


Notes on MIDACO C# gateway

Note 1

Under Windows, the file printing will work, but not the console printing might not.

See the MIDACO_SCREEN.TXT and MIDACO_SOLUTION.TXT for full output.

Those files are normally found in the Debug or Release VS project folder.

MIDACO console printing on Windows platforms will be available with the next release.

Note 2

The path to the "midacocs.dll" can be set at the bottom of the "Midaco.cs" file.

The default path to the dll file is:   "C:\MIDACO\midacocs.dll"

This path can freely be changed to any location

Note 3 MIDACO C# gateway runs also under Linux via Mono (Xamarian)


Output Files



Any problems running MIDACO? Please click here or contact us.