Space Launch Vehicle

In [1] (Section 3), MIDACO has been used to optimize the ascent of a multi-stage launch vehicle. The model of the launch vehicle was based on a Delta III Space Rocket (Boeing) and contained continuous and discrete (e.g. the number of booster) optimization variables simultaneously. The resulting MINLP consisted of 128 decision variables (3 discrete ones) and 127 constraints (5 equality ones). This application was implemented in collaboration with the University of Birmingham (Rueckmann J, Schlueter M.), UniBW Muenchen (Gerdts M.) and the European Space Agency (Erb S.).

Space Launch Preparation Boeing Rocket Family


MIDACO optimized control trajectory and physical behavior of the launch vehicle


Literature Reference

[1] MIDACO on MINLP Space Applications JASR (Elsevier) Vol 51(7), 1116–1131 (2013) Preprint
A review article on the paper by "Defense & Aerospace Week" is available here
Referee comments on the paper by the JASR journal are available here